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My Top Ten Movies of 2008 (Finally!)

OK, it has been many a day since my last post, but how can I neglect my top ten movies list?!  After much deliberation and some sadness about good movies that didn't make the cut, here are my choices!

10 - Marley and Me - Wow, it has been a long time since I've cried that much in a movie!  It is all-around a great story, both as a traditional "pet movie" and as a story of a family.

9 - Australia - The best part of this movie was that it was so pretty!  And the shirtless Hugh Jackman!  My only complaint is that it was offensively too long, which is why it didn't score higher.  I think the heart of the movie is the woman's two relationships (with Hugh Jackman and the boy), so it would've been best left at a simple story to focus on that, rather than strive to be some Epic Saga.  But it was still very good =)

8 - Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist - This was just adorable.  Michael Cera continues to be just priceless, and the two of them were super cute together.  I could've done without the lovely "gum" plotline, but I still loved it.

7 - Wall-E - Wall-E and Eve are definitely an OTP to go down in history!  The silent scenes with just Wall-E and the Wall-E/Eve scenes were TO DIE FOR!  The only reason it didn't rank higher is that I was bored stiff during the scenes on the space ship, which were many.  I'm pretty sure every beating heart out there has seen it, but if you haven't, then please buy/rent it today!

6 - The Curious Case of Benjamin Button - About a year ago, I was watching Forrest Gump and thought, "I'd really like another good movie to come out that is about a person's life, start to finish." (I'm sure others have come out since Forrest Gump, but I guess I haven't seen them, lol)  Benjamin Button was the answer to my prayer.  It is certainly one of a kind, and I loved the old-fashioned storytelling feel of the film.  It was a bit long, but the story was vivid enough to deserve the screen time.

5 - Bolt - This one was just pretty much pure happiness and fun for me.  The connection between Bolt and his girl was sooo sweet, and the cat was one of the best parts of the movie too.  The pace of the story was perfect; if I didn't know any better, I'd think it was made by Pixar.

4 - Definitely, Maybe - I always love a good romantic comedy, and I think this one was substantially better than the average.  All of the acting was fantastic, there were a large number of uber cute scenes, and it kept me guessing right till the end.

3 - Doubt - This was a very simple movie, but a brilliant one.  As you've probably already heard, the acting was phenomenal.  The plot was pretty simple, but quite complex at the same time.  I really enjoyed the whole movie, but the last scene sealed the deal for getting a high spot on the list.

2 - Sex and the City - Alright, I'm going to confess, I don't generally merit movies based on pure cinematic quality, or the top two spots would look very different.  However, I really loved how this movie took the characters that I have grown to cherish and transplanted them into a story that was slightly more serious than the ones I was accustomed to seeing them in.  I loved getting the answers to all of my questions, and I think the characters were ultimately very true to themselves.

1 - Seven Pounds - Somehow, this movie got  the reputation that it would be one of those carefully crafted films with hints meticulously placed throughout the film and that culminates in an OMG twist ending.  Yes, it was that type of movie, but the hints were a bit too obvious and if one is relying upon the shock value of the twist to make the movie, they would definitely be let down. 
However, there is a reason it is at the top of my list!  When examined by an analytical mind, there are flaws to be found, but this is not a movie where I would recommend poring over fine details.  Rather, it is a film that suggests a different way of living, and is optimally viewed with the heart rather than the head.  It is a movie that takes some of life's great existential questions, and posits some heartfelt answers.

Merry Christmas to all =D

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So I've been a beyond awful LJ'er lately, but I still wanted to wish you all a Merry Christmas (and share a great lolcat!)  I hope everyone has a fantastic time with whatever sort of festivities you may be partaking in!  And if you don't celebrate, I hope you are blessed in other ways =)

Hungry Girl =D

Hey flisties, long time no post!  Not a whole lot to update with on the RL front, still chugging along with school, work, friends, and boyfriend.  However, this is something I have been meaning to do for awhile, I doubt I will finish it right now, but ANYWAY...As many of you know, I am a loyal enthusiast of Hungry Girl, which is a cookbook/website/daily e-mail with low calorie recipes and eating tips.  Over the past few months, I have made a fair number of her recipes, so I've decided to post a review of all the recipes I have tried.  Again, I'm sure this will span more than one post, but here goes -

Alright, I will start with some breakfast foods!

Eggs Bene-chick

Fabulous, fabulous!  This one is fantastic, just as good at what you would get in a restaurant.  It uses a poached egg, which already means it is made of win, and I love the tartness of the sauce.  If you don't have lemon yogurt, plain fat free yogurt or fat free sour cream works just as well.
Score - 10/10!

So-Good Sausage Gravy 'n Biscuits
Yum, yum, yum!  This is as good as the biscuits and gravy at my favorite restaurant.  The fake sausage tastes just like the real thing; it is basically fabulous!
Score - 10/10!

Yumtastic Breakfast Burrito
This one has a picture only, the recipe is in the cookbook.  I loove this one too, because it is really yummy without having the greasiness that most breakfast burritos have.  I would recommend mixing the cheese with the eggs right in the skillet for best results.  And the 100-calorie whole grain tortillas this one uses are a STAPLE in my diet!
Score - 9/10

Wow, that is actually all of the breakfast recipes that I have tried!  My next post will be about beverages, be excited =D

Do You Know...

Stolen from barelyshocking 

The problem with LJ is we all think we are so close, but really we know nothing about each other. Ask me something you think you should know about me, something that should be obvious, but you have no idea about. Ask away. Then post this in your LJ and find out what people don't know about you.


It's yours for the taking...

OK, so while trying not to sound too sappy and silly, I wanted to make a brief post to commemorate a very happy two years with Devonne. I feel like when I post about him here lately, it has been a lot of negatives, so I wanted to make sure to mark down this happy occasion to show the other side of things as well!

September 18th is the official day, so tomorrow night, we're going to La Fondue to celebrate (which is a cause for celebration in itself!) For those of you who don't know, it's a WONDERFUL restaurant where they bring you AMAZING salad, cheese fondue, let you grill your own meat, and give you an AMAZING chocolate fondue dessert. The best I tell you!

ANYWAY, I can hardly believe two years have gone by, but it has been time well spent. He calms my nerves and can always make me laugh. I hope that we will continue to make each other happy for a long time to come =)

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New Jessica Simpson Album =D

So, still adjusting to the Death Eater lifestyle.  I have to confess, my own icon kind of scares me a little, but I'm having fun and rolling with the punches.  Team Bella FTW =D

OK, so I know Jessica Simpson fans are a dying breed, but I am still a loyal one, so I feel I must do my duty of pimping her new album, "Do You Know."  I COMPLETELY approve of her cross-over to country!  It is a great album with very solid songs, and it is not an IN YOUR FACE type of country, so you don't have to be a die hard two-stepper or anything to enjoy it.  And although I am a big Jessica fan, I have disapproved of some of her albums in the past (A Public Affair *gags*), and I couldn't be more happy that she has changed her sound yet again, this time to suit my tastes!  So anyway, I recommend!


Gossip Girl and Top Model

YAY for TV returning!

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